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dc.identifier.citationTP Sugavanam, B Fordham , Z Hansen, E Williamso, G Boniface, A Usama, H Richmond,S Lamb. Implementation of the back skills training programme. Orthopaedic Proceedings. Vol. 100-B, No. SUPP.2 February 2018en
dc.description.abstractPurpose of study; To evaluate implementation of the Back Skills Training (BeST) programme in clinical practice within the National Health Service (NHS). Background: The BeST programme is a group Cognitive Behavioural Approach (CBA) for people with persistent (≥6 weeks) low back pain (LBP). This intervention has been shown to be clinically and cost-effective in a large pragmatic trial. To aid implementation of the BeST programme, an online training intervention (iBeST) was developed. Methods: iBest was promoted through marketing activities (e.g. conferences, social media, evidence briefs) prior to release and launched in March 2016 for NHS health care professionals. Impact of iBeST is being evaluated by measuring number enrolled, course completion, implementation intention, clinical delivery, perceived competence, attitudes/beliefs towards LBP, knowledge and satisfaction. Data is collected at pre and post-training, 4 months and 12 months after course completion. A service evaluation is also being conducted to measure clinical impact. Patients taking part in the BeST programme as part of routine treatment complete questionnaires at baseline, post-treatment, 3 months and 12 months after the programme to assess pain, disability, recovery, satisfaction and usefulness of BeST. Results: 881 clinicians have enrolled on iBeST and 260 have completed training (target: 250). 28 NHS sites are delivering the BeST programme. 385 and 290 participants have provided baseline and post treatment data respectively (target: 400). Data collection is ongoing. Conclusion: Implementation is challenging but iBeST has been well received by NHS clinicians and we plan to report further results of the impact and service evaluation.en
dc.description.sponsorshipSupported by the NIHR.en
dc.subjectCognitive Behaviour Therapyen
dc.titleImplementation of the back skills training programmeen

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