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dc.contributor.authorAyres, Helen
dc.identifier.citationHelen Ayres, Sue Schutz, Olga Kozlowska (2023) 'Exploring mental health nurses’ experiences of assault by patients in inpatient settings,' Mental Health Practice, 26(3):20-26en
dc.description.abstractMental health nurses working in inpatient settings are at increased risk of being assaulted by patients. Systematic reviews have synthesised predominantly quantitative evidence relating to the prevalence, contributing factors, effects and adverse outcomes of violence towards mental health nurses. This article details a systematic review that used a meta-aggregative approach to synthesise qualitative evidence on the experiences of mental health nurses who have been assaulted by patients in inpatient settings. The review found that nurses consider violence against them to be a significant and unacceptable issue that can have pervasive effects on their personal and professional lives. Nurses may avoid or suppress their emotions following an assault and may find it challenging to share or report their experiences. Mental health nurses’ perceptions of factors that contribute to, and can prevent, violence and assault include the environment, workforce, relationships, gender and restrictive practices. By focusing on findings generated through qualitative research, this review increases the depth of the existing evidence, using the voices of nurses who have experienced assault to enhance understanding of the issue.en
dc.titleExploring mental health nurses’ experiences of assault by patients in inpatient settingsen

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