Recent Submissions

  • A Clinical Feasibility Study of the Forensic Psychiatry and Violence Oxford (FoVOx) Tool 

    Cornish, Robert; Curwell-Parry, Owen; Ciobanasu, Oana; Fazel, Seena (2019-12)
    Background: Risk assessment informs decisions around admission to and discharge from secure psychiatric hospital and contributes to treatment and supervision. There are advantages to using brief, scalable, free online tools ...
  • Thames Valley Forensic Mental Health Service Low Secure Unit Length of Stay Audit 

    Cornish, Robert; Anwar, Sophia; Agarwal, Pankaj; Latifi, Abdul-Hameed (2019-03)
    Aims and hypothesis Commissioning changes, and LSUs becoming a more integral part of the care pathway in the Thames Valley Forensic Mental Health Service (TVFMHS), may have led to an impact on patient management. We ...
  • Making sense of being recalled: a grounded theory 

    Harrison, Suzi; Couldrey, Charlotte; Churchman, Clare (2019-01)
    A high proportion of forensic mental health service users (FSUs) are recalled to secure hospitals from conditional discharge in the community. The limited research on recall to date has preliminarily identified why FSUs ...