• Short-term memory advantage for brief durations in human APOE ε4 carriers 

      External author(s) only (2020-06)
      The Apolipoprotein-E (APOE) ε4 gene allele, the highest known genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, has paradoxically been well preserved in the human population. One possible explanation offered by evolutionary ...
    • Treatment for depression comorbid with dementia 

      Baruch, Nina (2019-11)
      Depression is a common comorbidity in dementia. Randomised controlled studies of antidepressants do not show a significant improvement in depressive symptoms in patients with comorbid dementia and are known to lead to an ...
    • Treatment of Inappropriate Sexual Behavior in Dementia 

      De Giorgi, Riccardo; Series, Hugh (2016-08)
      Inappropriate sexual behavior (ISB) is a relatively common and potentially disruptive form of behavior in people with dementia. It can cause considerable distress and put placements and people at risk. Yet it is poorly ...
    • Valproate in dementia: time to move on? Commentary on…Cochrane Corner 

      Dhindsa, Amreek (2019-02)
      Baillon et al ’s Cochrane review included 430 participants with agitation in dementia from five randomised controlled trials. Overall, the reviewers found that valproate was no better than placebo for the treatment of ...
    • Vascular Dementia 

      Series, Hugh (2020-04)